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Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Aerospace Law 5
Ancient Egyptian Law 5
Ancient Near Eastern Law 5
Labour Law 5
Labor Relations in the Public Sector 5
Legal argumentation 5
Legal Ethics 5
Construction Law 5
Business Accounting 5
Business Analytics 5
Comparative Corporate Law 5
Corporate Social Responsibility 5
Crime and Migration 5
Criminalistics (elective course) 5
Criminology for Legal Scholars 5
Economic Policy in the EU 5
Entrepreneurial Finance 5
Law of Succession 10
Europe in Practice 5
European Asylum law 5
Global and European Labour Law 10
European Migration Law 5
European Private International Law in a Global Context 5
European Union Law Foundations 5
European Union Law: The Four Freedoms 5
Extracurriculaire optie: keuzevak Notariële studentstage 5
Financial Law 5
Forensic Psychiatry (elective course) 5
Formeel strafrecht civiel effect 5
History of European Property Law 5
Reform of Social Legislation 5
Historical Criminology 5
History of European Public Law 5
Matrimonial Property Law 10
Immigration, Integration and Non-Discrimination 5
Immigration, integration and discrimination 5
Immigration Law 5
Children and the Law 5
Introduction Cold Cases 5
International Commercial Law 5
International Tax Law For Multinational Enterprises 5
Internet Law 5
Introduction to Children's Rights 5
Introduction to European Competition Law 5
Introduction to International Human Rights Law 5
Juridische aspecten van Kindermishandeling 5
Law and Artificial Intelligence 5
Law and Culture 5
Law and Governance in Asia 5
Law and Governance in Africa 5
Law, Governance and Development (LAW) 5
Law and Society in Japan 5
Law, Sharia and Governance in North Africa and the Middle East 5
Principles of Economics (LAW) 5
Protection of Human Rights in Europe 5
Legal English for bachelor students 5
Legal Perspectives on the Governance of Migration and Diversity 5
Marketing Management 5
Case Study Market Regulation 5
Human Trafficking from a legal, policy-oriented and social science perspective 5
Moot Court Public International Law 5
Negotiation & Mediation 5
Onroerendgoedrecht I 5
Real Property Law 5
Onderzoekseminar Hoge Raad van Holland en Zeeland 5
Public Sector Economics (LAW) 5
People and Organizations 5
Family Law 5
Dutch parliamentary democracy 5
Protection of the Rule of Law in Europe 5
Law & Literature: reflection on democracy and rule of law 5
Recht in de multiculturele samenleving 5
Philosophy of Law II 5
Socio-legal Studies 5
Rule of law and democracy in a (trans)national context 5
Roman Law - Law of Property 5
Social Law, Labour Law and Restructuring 5
Social Security 5
Internship Legal Entrepreneurship and Innovation 5
Internship Citizen’s Legal Advice Bureau 5
Strategic Management & Leadership 5
Student Parliament 5
Technology and Society: Values and Norms 5
Technologie en privaatrecht 5
Trade and Finance in the Global Economy 5
Turnaround Management and Bankruptcy Law 5
Understanding Imprisonment: The Intended and Unintended Consequences of Incarceration 5
Moot Court Competition Administrative Law 5
Corporate Structures and Legal Entities for the Civil Law Notary 10
Comparative and Private International Law 5