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History: Europaeum Programme - European History and Civilisation: Leiden-Oxford-Paris Programme

The Europaeum Programme: European History & Civilization leads to a Master of Arts in History diploma awarded by Leiden University, with an additional certificate presented by the Europaeum.
This association, consisting of ten leading European universities (Europaeum), has succeeded in combining resources to create a ‘university without walls’. The main goal of this experience is to provide future European and World leaders and scholars with knowledge and international experience at a formative stage.

The programme is designed to give students a unique opportunity to study the history of European states and nations from the Late Middle Ages until the present day at three leading European universities: Leiden University, Université Paris I (Panthéon-Sorbonne), and the University of Oxford.
The programme offers graduate students a special opportunity to deepen their knowledge of European history through the lens of three different university worlds.

Leiden courses

Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2

Europaeum Seminars

Europaeum - Historiography 5
Introduction to the History of States and Nations in Europe 5

Optional Course

Optional Courses (MA History) 10

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This one-year programme is divided into trimesters, the first trimester will take place at Leiden University, where students will be required to follow three courses and commence their MA-thesis:

1) Europaeum – Historiography (5 EC)
2) Introduction to the History of States and Nations in Europe (5 EC)
3) Optional Course History (10 EC)
4) 5000-word proposal for a MA-thesis, under the direct supervision of an academic member of the Leiden History Department

Second semester, Université Paris I (Panthéon-Sorbonne)
1) Transatlantic Relations and Identities (10 EC)
2) Europe through the Ages/The historic foundations of Europe: identities and civilizations (10 EC)

The third trimester will take place at Oxford and includes personal supervising tutorials for the individual thesis, as well as weekly seminars. These weekly seminars will be taylor-made for the Europaeum students, although opened to the wider Oxford academic community. The activities at Oxford University will be concluded by the
MA thesis (20 EC).