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Life Science and Technology

The Leiden Institute of Chemistry organises two MSc programs: MSc Chemistry and MSc Life Science & Technology and participates in four Graduate Schools

  • Graduate Program “Solar Fuels Catalysis”, NIOK

  • Netherlands Research School of Chemical Biology, NRSCB

  • Graduate Program “Sustainability: the Molecular Approach”, HRSMC

  • Netherlands’ MAgnetic Resonance Research School NMARRS

The Master’s programme consists of the following specialisations:

  • Life Science Research and Development

  • Life Science and Education

  • Life Science and Communication and Society

  • Life Science-Based Business Development

Details and actual information about their Programme’s and Organisation can be found at:
MSc Programmes at the Leiden Institute of Chemistry
For program information and schedules visit
MSc Courses at the Leiden Institute of Chemistry
MSc schedule Chemistry and Life Science and Technology

Compulsory components per specialisation

The structure of the program is described in detail in our study guide which can be downloaded.

Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2

Specialisation Life Science and Technology and Education

Specialisation Life Science and Technology and Science Communication and Society

Specialisation Life Science and Technology Research & Development

Compulsory components:
Minimum requirement: research internship(s) 60 EC
Essay and Colloquium 6 EC
Choice of compulsory core components 24 EC
Elective components (minimal) 30 EC

Total programme 120 EC

Specialisation Life Science-Based Business Development

Life Science and Technology Core courses

The program offers eight core courses organized in two course series: Molecular Sciences and Medical Sciences.

Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Bionanotechnology (BNT) 6
Biomedical Informatics (BMI) 6
Genome organization and maintenance in cancer and aging (GCA) 6
Global Regulatory Networks in Bacteria (GRNB) 6
In-vivo biomolecular interactions underlying diseases (IBID) 6
Biomolecular Structures (BIMS) 6
Chemical Genetics (CG) 6
Molecular Chemistry (MC6) 6

Elective courses

Dependent on the chosen specialisation a number of elective courses can be selected. Students may chose core courses from the MSc Chemistry and MSc Life Science and Technology as elective courses.

Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Advanced Life Cell Imaging (ALCI) 4
Advanced Molecular Modelling (AMM2) 6
Drug Discovery: From Biology and Structure to New Chemical Entity (DD) 4
Molecular Modelling 6
Metals and Life (MAL) 6
Molecular Aspects of RNA Viruses (MRV) 4
Molecular Biophysics 4
Molecular Cell Signaling 4
Molecular defects in human diseases 5
Bionanotechnology (BNT) 6
Science Methodology 4