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Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2

First semester

Introduction to Asian Studies 5
Thesis Class 5
Sociology of Japan 10
Nation, State and Security in Post-war Japanese Political Thought 10
Economic Development and Social Change in Southeast Asia 10


Choose from the following courses with a maximum of 10 EC

Beginners level language: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Indonesian, Russian, Tibetan, Turkish, Persian, Arabic 10
The politics of culture in Southeast Asia 5.0/10.0
History, Theory, Nation: Readings from the South 10
Chinese Linguistics 10
Using Language in context: Narrative and Interaction 10
Eurasian Studies 10
Writing Histories: Modern Japan, Asia, and the World 10
Histories of Southeast Asia 5

Second semester

MA Thesis Asian Studies (60 EC) 15


Select two of the following electives (max 15 EC)

Practicing Modernity:State and Society in Soviet and post-Soviet Central Asia and the Caucasus 10
Asia through consumption 10
Hands-on Research Experience in Museum Volkenkunde 10
Topics in South and Southeast Asian Art History 5.0/10.0
Political Economy of Southeast Asia 5.0/10.0
Life and Work in Contemporary China 10
New Diversities in Asia 10
Contemporary Indian Politics 10.0 or 5.
Image/Text in Pre-modern Japan 10
Beginners level language 2: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Indonesian, Russian, Tibetan, Sanskrit, Turkish, Persian, Arabic 5
History and Heritage in South Asia 10
Areas and policies 10
Modern China: Sources of Chinese Foreign Policy 10
Chinese I 10
Chinese II 5
Indonesian Language 1 10
Beginner’s level Japanese 10
Beginner’s level Japanese 2 5