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(MS) This course belongs to the master specialisation Statistical Sciences. Ask the study advisor if it is allowed to include this course into your programme.
(M) More advanced course or seminar

Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Forensic statistics and graphical models (M) 6
High-dimensional data analysis (MS) 6
Introduction to Algebraic topology 6
Introduction to dynamical systems 6
Introduction to Life and Behavioral Sciences (MS) 5
Introduction to manifolds 6
Linear Analysis 6
Linear & generalized linear models and linear algebra (MS) 9
Mathematics for statisticians (MS) 3
Measure theory 6
Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations 6
Operator Semigroups and Numerical Analysis (TUD) (M) 9
Partial differential equations 1 & 2 (TUD) 6
Probability 6
Psychometrics and SEM (MS) 3
Random polymers (M) 8
Statistical computing with R (MS) 6
Statistical consulting (MS) 6
Statistical genetics (MS) 6
Statistical Learning (M/MS) 4
Statistics and probability (MS) 9
Structural Equations and Graphical Models (MS) 3
Advanced topics in analysis (TUD) 6
Bayesian Statistics (MS) 6
Bifurcations and chaos 6
Diophantine approximation 6
Dynamical systems seminar (M) 6
Functional analysis seminar (M) 6
Fourieranalyse (TUD) 6
Fundamentals of Nonlinear Analysis 6
Gibbs measures (M) 6
Information-theoretic learning (M) 6
Mathematical Biology: the Virtual Cell 6
Mixed and longitudinal modeling (MS) 6
Multivariate analysis and multidimensional data analysis (MS) 6
Partiële differentiaalvergelijkingen (TUD) 6
Quantum cryptography 6
Statistics 6
Study designs in the Life and Behavioral Sciences (MS) 6
Survival analysis (MS) 6
Symbolic dynamics and ergodic theory (M) 6
Voortgezette kansrekening (TUD) 6
Wavelets (TUD) 6
Local class field theory (M) 6

Meer info

The Mathematics Master programme offers courses in the following specialisations :

  • Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory

  • Applied Mathematics

  • Statistical Science for Life and Behavioural Sciences

  • Mathematics and Communication

  • Mathematics and Education

  • Mathematics and Science-Based Business

In broad lines, each specialisation offers courses at an advanced level, leading eventually to an individual research project and a major thesis. Some of the courses can be taken at a national level, via the Dutch national mastermath programme. The length of each specialisation is two years. Students from any university in the Netherlands with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics or with a Bachelor of Science Degree with major in Mathematics are admitted to the programme. For all other students, an Admission Committee will consider the possibility of enrolling.