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Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Advanced topics in analysis (TUD) 6
Analytic number theory 6
Bayesian Statistics 6
Dynamical systems (ergodic theory) (TUD) 6
First Passage Percolation 6
High-dimensional data analysis 6
Information Theory, Coding, Cryptography 6
Information-theoretic learning 6
Interuniversity Programme Stochastic and Financial Mathematics 0
Introduction to dynamical systems 6
Introduction to Life and Behavioral Sciences 5
Introduction to manifolds 6
Introduction to Perturbation Methods 6
Linear & generalized linear models and linear algebra 9
Linear Analysis 6
Master courses given at TU Delft 6
Mathematical Biology: Metabolic Network Analysis 6
Measure theory 6
Mixed and longitudinal modeling 6
MRI Master class Moduli Spaces (UU) 0
Multivariate analysis and multidimensional data analysis 6
Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations 6
Partial differential equations 1 & 2 (TUD) 6
Population Dynamics 6
Probability 6
Psychometrics 3
Special functions (TUD) 6
Statistical computing 6
Statistical genetics 6
Statistical Learning Theory 4
Statistics, probability and calculus 9
Stochastic Models for Genetic Evolution 6
Structural Equations and Graphical Models 3
Study designs in the Life and Behavioral Sciences 6
Survival analysis 6
Topics in analysis 6
Topics in Arithmetic Geometry 6
Topics in Elliptic Curves 6

Meer info

The Mathematics Master programme offers courses in the following specialisations :

  • Algebra, Geometry and Number Theory

  • Applied Mathematics

  • Statistical Science for Life and Behavioural Sciences

  • Mathematics and Communication

  • Mathematics and Education

  • Mathematics and Science-Based Business

In broad lines, each specialisation offers courses at an advanced level, leading eventually to an individual research project and a major thesis. Some of the courses can be taken at a national level, via the Dutch national mastermath programme. The length of each specialisation is two years. Students from any university in the Netherlands with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics or with a Bachelor of Science Degree with major in Mathematics are admitted to the programme. For all other students, an Admission Committee will consider the possibility of enrolling.