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Computer Science: Bioinformatics

The Bioinformatics specialisation contains a full-time, two-year master’s programme (120 EC).


During the first year students will complete:

  • the mandatory Core programme ( 24 EC)

  • a selection of Specialisation courses ( 24-36 EC)

  • a Support programme (maximum 12 EC)

During the second year, students will do a Research Assignment (15 EC) and carry out a Master's Thesis Research Project (45 EC)

If applicable, a Support programme will be defined by the Board of Bioinformatics (BoB) for students that have minor deficiencies in their prior education. The selection of Specialisation courses is made in consultation with the study advisor. The total amount of Specialisation courses will be determined depending on the scope of the Support programme that needs to be followed.

See also

For more information on the specific requirements of this specialisation, see the appendix of the Course and Examination Regulations.

More information

For specific questions about programme content, curriculum choices and/or study planning, please contact study advisor dr. Katy Wolstencroft through the Board of Bioinformatics (BoB).
For any other inquiries, please send an email to the programme coordinator: José Visser.

Year 1

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2

Core programme (24 EC)

Computational Molecular Biology 6
Databases and Data Mining 6
Functional Genomics and Systems Biology (TU Delft) 6
Pattern Recognition (TU Delft) 6

Specialisation courses (24-36 EC)

Leiden Computer Science courses (recommended)

Bio-Modeling and Petri Nets 6
Complex network (BM) 6
Evolutionary Algorithms 6
Image Analysis with Applications in Microscopy 6
Metabolic Network Analysis (BM) 6
Reinforcement Learning 6
Seminar Distributed Data Mining 6
Seminar Swarm-based Computation with Applications in Bioinformatics 6
Social Network Analysis for Computer Scientists 6

Other Leiden University Courses

See: Computer Science, 2018-2019.

TU Delft Specialisation courses

See: Bioinformatics 2018 in the TU Delft Study Guide. Guide.

Other Leiden University courses

From genetic disease to functional genomics 6
Genomic Architecture 6
Metabolomics 6
Multiscale Mathematical Biology (BM) 6
Statistical computing with R 6

Support Programme ( max. 12 EC)

If applicable, a Support Programme will be defined by the Board of Bioinformatics (BoB) for students that have minor deficiencies in their prior education. The programme may consist of courses in Computer Science, Mathematics or the Life Sciences and does not exceed the maximum of 12 EC.

Year 2

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Master Class 0

Research Assignment (15 EC)

Master Research Project (45 EC)