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Lineaire algebra 2


Admission requirements

Lineaire Algebra 1, Wiskundige Structuren, Complex Numbers


Linear Algebra is the theory of vector spaces. In this course, these are vector spaces over R or C. Central themes are linear maps, dual vector spaces and inner products. The two main achievements of this course are the Jordan normal form, which classifies operators on a finite-dimensional space, and the spectral theorem, which states that such an operator on a space over C is unitary diagonalisable if and only if it commutes with its adjoint.

Course objectives

To acquire the knowledge taught in this course, as well as to independently apply and expand the associated theories.

Mode of instruction

A lecture and exercise session each week. During the semester four homework assignments.

Assessment method

The final grade consists of homework (15%) and a written (retake) exam (85%). To pass the course, the grade for the (retake) exam should be at least 5 and the (unrounded) weighted average of the homework and the (retake) exam at least 5.5. No minimum grade is required for the homework in order to take the exam or to pass the course. The homework counts as a practical and there is no retake for it; it consists of 4 assignments, of which the lowest grade is dropped.


Syllabus "Linear algebra 2" by Michael Stoll


Instructions and course material can be found on Brightspace. Registration for the course is automatic when the student registers in Usis.


The lecturer can be reached by email: rvl[at]