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Honours College Science, Society and Self

The interdisciplinary Honours College track Science, Society and Self provides students the opportunity to broaden and deepen their horizons on top of their regular bachelor program. Although science, society and self are interdependent, they are commonly thought of as separate domains. This limits our understanding of the word, and the way we navigate in it. Anchored in the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences, this track explores how science, society and self can be consciously and strategically aligned to solve complex and interwoven problems. The starting point of this is inquiry, to ask different, more profound questions about ourselves and others.

Rather than being more of the same, the Honours College FSW offers education that is interactive, interdisciplinary, and playful, oriented towards the personal and professional development of students. We offer two different tracks:

  • In the Science, Society and Self track, students broaden and deepen their horizons within a diverse and inclusive community.

  • In the Double Bachelor+ track, students can supplement their two Bachelor programs with an Honours Class.

For more information, please visit the website of the Honours College FSW.

Science, Society and Self

Learning outcomes:

Through this track, we strive to achieve four main learning outcomes. The student:

  • can explain how academic disciplines study and understand the world differently

  • can reflect on the existing and potential relationship between science, society and self

  • has gained the competences and mindset to align science, society and self in the everyday

  • can take ownership of their own lives by formulating goals and ways to achieve them

Curriculum dynamics

(Honours) education is dynamic and hence our curriculum might be slightly revised in the coming years. E.g.:

  • next year the course "Personal and Professional Development III" is replaced by the course Influence and Me year 3.

  • the type of Honours Classes and period at which the Honours Classes are offered can be different every year.

  • the type of Honours Modules and period at which the courses are offered can be different every year.

Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2



Social Science Lab (Bachelor year 1) 5
Influence and Me year 2 (Bachelor year 2) 1
Personal & Professional Development III (Bachelor year 3) 1
Learning in the City (Bachelor year 3) 3
Honours College FSW Science, Society and Self Conference (Bachelor year 3) 1



Students choose at least one Honours Module (4 EC) in year 2. Students can also choose one or more other Honours Modules in year 3 in the free space.

Robots and Artificial Intelligence 4
Sustainability and Health 4
Juvenile Delinquency: Prevention and Repression 4
Philosophic Considerations: Human Nature and Moral Progress 4



Students have to follow at least one (up to three) Honours Classes (5 EC) during their whole Honours trajectory. See the website for more information:

Honours Classes 5



You can complement the total of 30 EC (required at the end of year 3) with the offered electives.

Reflective Journaling & Creative Expression 4
Reflection Annual Diversity & Inclusion Symposium 1
Societal Internship 1 - 5
Research Internship 1 - 5
Lecture Series 1-2
Regular BA course 5
LUC - Course from Leiden University College 5

Double Bachelor+

The Honours College FSW offers a special programme for students with two bachelor’s courses. Beside completing their bachelor’s courses, students are expected to complete an Honours Class (5 EC).

See for more information about admission requirements and application procedure the website.