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The master’s programme in Psychology focuses both on in-depth study of theory and on the acquisition of professional and research skills. This master’s programme offers the following specialisations:

See also MSc in Psychology (research)

Master's Kick Off

At this day (beginning of September for students starting in September / late January for students starting in February) your attendance is strongly advised.

During the Master's Kick Off you will be handed important information on how to organise your studies at Leiden University. A representative of your specialisation will be present. You do not want to miss this!

Once the event page of the Master's Kick Off is available, you can find it on the right-hand side of this page.


Please find below an overview of elective courses in the master's programme MSc in Psychology.
Please note that some electives can be followed by students of certain specialisations only. If there are prerequisite courses they will be stated in the section ‘Entry requirements'.

Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Methods in Clinical Neuropsychological Research 5
Motivation, Power and Leadership 5
Applied Data Analysis 5
Environmental Psychology 5
Giftedness and Talent Development: A Transactional Perspective 5
Statistical Mediation and Moderation 5
Trainers Course Communication Skills 10
Advanced Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 5
e-Health Interventions in Mental Health Care 5
fMRI Data and Statistics 5
Health Psychology: From Research to Practice 5
Innovations in eHealth Care 5
Introduction to R 5
The Psychology of Economic Behaviour 5
Perspectives in Clinical Neuroscience 5
Decision Making: Theory and Practice 5
Social Animals at Work 5
Trauma and Mental Health: Etiology, Prevention, Diagnostics and Treatment 5


A master's degree in Psychology at Leiden University combines theoretical knowledge with academic and professional skills, making you an attractive candidate for many employers.

More information can be found per specialisation.