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Available pre-master programmes

The MA Linguistics consists of three specialisiations:

If you apply for one of these specialisations and you have an academic bachelor’s degree from a research university, but you do not (fully) meet the entry requirements you may be offered an individual pre-master programme by the Board of Admissions.

A pre-master programme consists of (advanced) courses from a relevant bachelor's degree. Depending on your chosen MA specialisation, it may consist of courses from the BA Linguistics (specialisation Linguistics), the BA English, French, German or Italian (specialisation Modern Languages), or the minor Translation (specialisation Translation) and additional courses.

Important information

The pre-master has to be completed within one academic year. A premaster consists of 30 to 60 credits worth of courses, depending on the deficiencies of the individual. There are no pre-made premaster programmes. A pre-master of 60 credits equals a full-time studyload (40 hours per week).

Information for students with a HBO bachelor's degree (tweedegraads)

Applicants with a degree from a Dutch University of Applied Sciences (HBO) in English, French, German, or Italian (lower secondary education certificate, tweedegraads) are eligible for the corresponding Modern Languages pre-master programme. After completing the pre-master (60 ec) and master programme, they can continue their studies at the ICLON for an upper secondary education certificate (eerstegraads).

Application procedure

Please note that you cannot apply for the pre-master programme. You need to apply for your chosen MA specialisation. The Board of Admissions will assess each application and will determine the applicant's eligibility to the (pre-)master programme. Students who meet the requirements for a (pre-)master programme will be offered one.
Please note that the coordinator of studies cannot give you an indication on whether or not you will be offered a premaster. Only the Board of Admissions can, and they will only do so after receiving your application through Studielink and uSis.