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Astronomy: Astronomy and Instrumentation

Structure of the programme

This specialisation offers students the option to conduct a research master in astronomy with a particular focus on advanced astronomical instrumentation, techniques and instrument development. It prepares students as much for a career in research as for a career outside academia. The 2-year programme consists of two parts. First, students follow advanced courses in both instrumentation and general astronomy. Second, students carry out a minor and a major research project.

Programme (120 EC)

Level EC
Mandatory Courses
Astronomical Telescopes and Instruments 500 6
Detection of Light a + b 500 6
Elective Courses
Astronomy Core Courses, at least 500 6
Instrumentation-related Astronomy Courses 400-500 12-18
Astronomy Courses of any type 400-500 24-30
Research Projects
First Research Project in General Astronomy 500 30
Master's Research Project in Astronomical Instrumentation 600 30

Master Study Plan

At the start of the Master’s programme, students are required to draw up the Master Study Plan: a complete list of planned courses and projects for two subsequent academic years in consultation with the Study Advisor Astronomy. To select courses, students need to consult the course list for academic year 2016-2017 (see below), and/or the course list for academic year 2017-2018 (available in Spring 2017).

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For more information on the specific requirements of this specialisation, see the appendix of the Course and Examination Regulations

Courses 2016-2017

Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2

Astronomy Core Courses:

Galaxies: structure, dynamics and evolution 6
Interstellar Medium 6
Origin and Evolution of the Universe 6
Stellar Structure and Evolution 6

Instrumentation-related Astronomy Courses:

Astronomical Telescopes and Instruments 6
Observational High-Energy Astrophysics 3
Detection of Light a + b 6
Radio Astronomy 6

General Astronomy Courses:

Large Scale Structure and Galaxy Formation 6

Specialist Astronomy Courses:

High-energy Astrophysics 3

Inter-faculty Electives:

Science and the public: contemporary and historical perspectives 6
Science Methodology 4

Additional BSc Courses if required:

Radiative Processes 5
On being a Scientist 3
Introduction to Solid State Physics 3

Other Instrumentation-related Courses:

The following courses offered by the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering (AE) at Delft University of Technology may be included as instrumentation-related courses in the above programme:

Code EC
Space Instrumentation AE4880 4.0
Space Systems Engineering AE4S12 3.0
Geometrical Optics AE4S12 3.0
Advanced Photonics AP3382 6.0
Imaging systems AP3221 D 6.0

See also: Enrolment as a minor student (guest student) at TU Delft

Non-Astronomy Courses:

These courses can be selected from the courses offered by the following Leiden Master's programmes: