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Classics and Ancient Civilizations: Egyptology

Egyptology is a specialization of the Master’s programme in Classics and Ancient Civilizations. This Master programme is unique in the Netherlands in the breadth of its subject matter, the historical periods covered and the multidisciplinary approach of its study. Characteristic for the Master is its focus on reading ancient texts in their original languages, and discussing the different interpretations the texts allow. The student may specialize in one of four tracks:

First year

Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2

First semester

Egyptology in the Field: Research and Facilities in Egypt 15

Elective(s): select from these courses with a minimum total of 15 EC in accordance with your academic background

Theory in Egyptology 5
Egyptian Temple Inscriptions of the Graeco-Roman Period 10
Demotic Papyrology I 10
Egyptian Archaeology and Cultural History 5
Research tools in Egyptology 5
Reading Ancient Egyptian Inscriptions 5

Extra Curricular Course Egyptology

Late Cursive (Abnormal) Hieratic Papyrology I 10

Second semester

MA Thesis Classics and Ancient Civilizations 20

Elective(s): select one or more of these courses with an minimum total of 10 EC

Deir el-Medina Seminar 5
Seminar Mastabas/Old Kingdom elite tombs 5 or 10
Demotic Papyrology II 10
Greek Papyrology 10
Coptic Papyrology 10

Extra curricular

The courses below are offered by the specializations Assyriology and Classics (History), and are accessible for all students in the (Research) MA program Classics and Ancient Civilizations. The courses are not part of the regular MA program of your own specialization, but can be taken as extra curricular courses.

Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2

First Semester

Tutorial Akkadian 10
The Sumerian language: structure and analysis 10
Judeans in Babylonia: The Babylonian Exile in Cuneiform Texts 10
Fighting Against Rome. The Jewish Revolts under Nero/Vespasian, Trajan and Hadrian 10
Epigraphy 10

Second Semester

The Archaeology of Ancient Religions: Pagans, Jews and Christians 10
Introduction to the Elamite Language 10
Ways of Doing Greek 10
Numismatics of the Ancient World 10