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Philosophy (60 EC): History and Philosophy of the Sciences

Structure of the programme

The MA programme (60 EC): History and Philosophy of the Sciences consists of the following components:

Research Seminar (10 EC)

Studens follow the research seminar that is mandatory for the specialisation History and Philosophy of the Sciences.

Optional Courses (in total 30 EC)

Students follow three optional courses (each 10 EC). At least one of these optional courses must be part of the specialisation History and Philosophy of the Sciences. The choice may be made from the courses listed below. Please be informed that students can only take the optional courses selected for the specialisation to which they have been admitted. Students who have obtained a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy from Leiden University have acces to all electives on offer for the MA Philosophy 60 EC.

Not more than two of the four courses (including the research seminar) can have the same instructor. The topics of the optional courses are varying each year.

Master’s thesis and exam (20 EC)

The MA programme will be concluded by a master’s thesis of 20 EC. The master’s thesis is an independent academic contribution to philosophy in the field of History and Philosophy of the Sciences. Before graduation students sit for a final exam for which they defend their thesis and possibly answer questions about a selection of other subjects.


Students enrolled in the full-time programme follow the research seminar and choose two optional courses in their first semester. In their second semester they choose a third optional course and write their master’s thesis.

Students enrolled in the part-time programme will spread the components over three semesters. In their first and second semesters students are expected to follow two MA courses per semester, including the research seminar of their track. In their third semester, students write their master’s thesis.

Further information

Additional information concerning objectives of the programme, master’s thesis and requirements for graduation is availabe at MA Philosophy 60 EC , More info.