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Classics and Ancient Civilizations (research): Classics

Classics is a specialization of the Research Master’s programme in Classics and Ancient Civilizations. This Research Master programme is unique in the Netherlands in the breadth of its subject matter, the historical periods covered and the multidisciplinary approach of its study. Characteristic for the Research Master is its focus on reading ancient texts in their original languages, and discussing the different interpretations the texts allow.

Students may specialize in one of four tracks:

First year

Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2

First semester

The Commentary 10

Electives: select from the following courses (20 EC):

Seminar Greek: Socrates: drama, philosophy, society 5 or 10
Seminar Latin: Cicero and Ciceronianism(s). Aspects of the reception of his persona and his style from Antiquity onwards 5 or 10
Tutorial Latin: Aesthetic Experience in Roman Antiquity 5 or 10
Debating the ancient economy 10
Between Jerusalem and Rome: Judaism and Christianity in the First Century 10
Epigraphy 10
“Will there be children?” Procreation, religion and sexuality in the ancient world 10
Privatissimum Greek: Protagoras of Abdera: Sources and Echoes 600

Second semester

Research School Elective(s) 5

Electives: select from the following courses (20 EC)

Seminar Latin: Callimachus in Rome 5 or 10
Seminar Greek: The Greek Anthology: Form, Function and Followings of an Important Collection of Greek Poetry 5 or 10
Seminar Ancient Philosophy: The Good, the Bad, the Beautiful: the Aesthetics, Ethics, and Metaphysics of Plotinus 5 or 10
Tutorial Greek: Ancient Education 5 or 10
Roman North Africa: a stolen continent 10
Antieke Numismatiek en Geldgeschiedenis 10
Christianity in the Greco-Roman World: The Second Century 10
Germs and the city: hygiene, illness and mortality in the Roman metropolis 10
The archaeology of ancient religions: Paganism, Judaism, Christianity 5
Psychology, Ethics, and Education from Antiquity to the Present 10

Second year

Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2

First semester

MA Thesis Tutorial Classics and Ancient Civilizations (Research) 5
Core Course: The Commentary 10
Research School Elective(s) 5

Elective (10 EC): select from list of electives in semester I, Year 1

Second semester

MA Thesis Classics and Ancient Civilizations (Research) 25
Thesis presentation and research proposal 5

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