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North American Studies

In this programme you will study U.S. history, literature and culture, as part of an integrated approach to American Studies and with a special (though not exclusive) focus on themes such as immigration, race, ethnicity, and civil rights. This approach enables you to discover connections between historical events and cultural and literary developments, but the range of elective courses also makes it possible to specialise in either U.S. history or literature.


(a) a required, interdisciplinary core course about Major Issues in American History and Culture
(b) three elective courses, which give a deepened understanding on some of the themes that are discussed in the Major Issues core course (total elective courses: 30 EC).

Students can choose to do one elective course outside the North American Studies Department.

Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2

First & second semester

Thesis Seminar North American Studies
MA Thesis North American Studies 20

First semester

Required course

Major Issues in American History and Culture 10


The American Civil Rights Movement 10
Working Through 9/11: Literature, Film, and Memorial Culture 10

Second semester

Required course

Students who start in February take the following course instead of Major Issues in American History and Culture

Readings in American History 10


The Rise and Decline of American Empire 10
The Art of Horror: A Formalist Approach to Monsters, Mayhem and the Supernatural 10