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First Year

Vak EC Semester 1 Semester 2

Compulsory courses

Internship can be 10 or 20EC.

Basic Therapeutic Skills 5
Experimental Clinical Psychology 5
Clinical Interviewing and Assessment 5
Cognitive-Behavioural Interventions 5
Master Thesis in MSc. Psychology 20
Internship Psychology 10

Recommended elective(s)

If an Internship of 10EC is chosen, add 10EC electives.
See overview of all electives

The Psychodynamic Perspective 5
Trainers Course Communication Skills 10
Transdiagnostic Approach of Eating Disorders 5

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Timetables Master’s (2011-2012)

Additional information


This is a specialization of the master’s programme of Psychology.

Clinical Psychology is “a field that is concerned with the application of psychological science to the assessment and treatment of mental disorders” (American Psychological Association, 1991). In clinical psychological research, factors that are causally involved in the occurrence, maintenance, and treatment of mental disorders are studied. In evidence-based clinical practice this knowledge is applied in the treatment of different forms of psychopathology in various settings.

The major aim of this MSc programme is to provide students with a theoretical background and basic skills for clinical psychology research, assessment and interventions. This includes the acquisition of knowledge and skills relevant to the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of psychopathology. Students acquire advanced research skills by participating in a clinical psychology research project. Completion of the MSc degree will prepare the student for subsequent academic degrees, including a PhD.
Read more on the Master’s Programme – Clinical Psychology.



A mentor is assigned to all students doing a Clinical Master. Appointments with the mentor are mandatory. The mentor supervises the student and the progress of the study. The mentor is the person to contact if the student has questions about the study. He can also be approached for personal questions about study and profession.
Read more on Clinical Psychology – mentorate

Electives (optional)

Choose up to 10 EC, depending on the length of the Internship, from the elective courses.


Students can choose to do an Internship for 10 or 20 EC. An Internship for 20 EC includes Organisational, Ethical and Legal Aspects of Health Care and supervision on BAPD-reports, or for international students ‘Psychological Coaching in Life and Life Style Issues (10 EC, completed with 10 EC electives). Please see also the options for doing an internship (pdf).

More information on the unit

Clinical, Health and Neuropsychology


For more detailed information about the specialisation Clinical Psychology please contact.

Purchasing study material

The books are available at a discount via the bookshop of the study association Labyrint on presentation of your Labyrint membership pass. Otherwise they can be bought from academic booksellers.