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Psychology: Social and Organisational Psychology


The professional master programme offers extensive professional skills training and a supervised internship to prepare them for a career as a professional psychologist. The masters programme in Social and Organisational Psychology has a core curriculum with a focus on the integration of social and organisational theory and practice. Building on this common body of knowledge students can focus on social or organisational issues by choosing specific topics for their course assignments, thesis and internship, and by selecting specific elective courses, depending on their interests and ambitions. Master’s Programmes – Social and Organisational Psychology.


The objective of the programme is to equip students with advanced training in research methods and professional skills that prepare them both for a career involving psychological research as well as for the application of scientific knowledge and methods in various professional settings. Training is provided in all pertinent skills, including reviewing the relevant literature, applying theoretical knowledge to analyse practical problems, developing hypotheses and writing research proposals, designing and carrying out empirical studies, designing and evaluating the effectiveness of interventions, conducting advanced statistical analyses, and presenting results and recommendations.


The curriculum of 60 EC offers a variety of courses and a supervised master thesis. The specialisation consists of:

  • 4 mandatory courses (20 EC)

  • thesis (20 EC)

  • internship (10 EC)

  • 2 elective courses (10 EC)


At the very start of the study year master’s students enrol for all courses at the Master’s introduction and course enrolment day. At this day the attendance of first year master’s students in Psychology is required if they start with a master’s programme. Master’s course registration

First year

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2

Compulsory coursework

Intergroup Relations 5
Negotiation and Social Decision Making 5
Organisational Management 5
Applied Data Analysis 5
Master Thesis in MSc. Psychology 20

Choose one of the following options as internship

Internal Practical Internship (IPI) 10
Internship Psychology 10

Recommended electives

Add two electives. See overview of all electives

Trainers Course Communication Skills 10
Motivation, Power and Leadership 5
Environmental Psychology 5
The Psychology of Economic Behaviour 5
Social Animals at Work 5

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Student representative

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General coordinator and internship coordinator

Hester Ruigendijk
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