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Computer Science: Computer Science and Education

The specialisation Computer Science and Education is a joint programme offered in collaboration with the Leiden University Graduate School of Teaching (ICLON)). It prepares students for a career as a computer science teacher and results in the teacher qualification (eerstegraads-lesbevoegdheid) required for teaching in Dutch secondary schools. For teaching in bilingual and international schools the World Teachers Programme (WTP) is offered.

In addition to the Computer Science entry requirements proof of Dutch language proficiency is required. Applicants who do not hold a Dutch secondary school diploma (VWO-diploma) will have to take a Dutch language test.


The two-year Computer Science and Education programme consists of:

Year 1:

  • at least 30 EC of Computer Science courses (level 500) to be selected in correspondence with the chosen topic of the Research Project in Computer Science;

  • a Research Project in Computer Science (30 EC) in one of the LIACS research groups.

Year 2:

  • the Education programme (60 EC).

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For specific questions about programme content, curriculum choices and/or study planning, please contact the study advisor: dr. Matthijs van Leeuwen.

For any other inquiries, please send an email to the programme coordinator: José Visser.

Year 1: CS programme

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2

Computer Science courses

Fall semester

Audio Processing and Indexing 6
Advances in Data Mining 6
Complex network (BM) 6
Databases and Data Mining 6
Evolutionary Algorithms 6
Multicriteria Optimization and Decision Analysis 6
Multimedia Systems 6
Parallel Programming I 6
Seminar Swarm-based Computation with Applications in Bioinformatics 6
Social Network Analysis for Computer Scientists 6
Text Mining 6

Spring semester

Advances in Model Checking 6
Bio-Modeling and Petri Nets 6
Computational Molecular Biology 6
Coordination and Component Composition 6
Embedded Systems and Software 6
Image Analysis with Applications in Microscopy 6
Information Retrieval and Text Analytics 6
Metabolic Network Analysis (BM) 6
Multimedia Information Retrieval 6
Neural Networks 6
Parallel Programming II 6
Psychology of Programming 6
Quantum Computing 3
Reinforcement Learning 6
Seminar Combinatorial Algorithms 6
Seminar Distributed Data Mining 6
Urban Computing 6

Research project in Computer Science (30 EC)

Master Class 0

Year 2: Education

Outline of the Education programme:

  • Educational theory (5 EC)

  • learning and instruction 1 (5 EC)

  • learning and instruction 2 (3 EC)

  • teaching Methodology 1(5 EC)

  • Teaching Methodology 2 ( 5 EC)

  • Design Research (7 EC)

  • Teaching Practice 1 (15 EC)

  • Teaching Practice 2 (15 EC)

For students who passed the Minor Education (30 EC) during their Bachelor's, the programme consists of the following:

  • Learning and instruction 2 (3 EC)

  • Teachinge Methodology 2 (5 EC)

  • Design Research (7 EC)

  • Teaching practice 2 (15 EC)

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