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The Leiden Master’s programme in Astronomy consists of three research-oriented specialisations and three combined specialisations. Please see below for a quick overview of all Astronomy courses on offer in 2015-2016.

For more information on the requirements and courses of each specialisation, please follow the links below:

Quick Overview of Astronomy Courses

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2
Compact Objects and Accretion 3
Databases and Data Mining in Astronomy 3
Observational Cosmology 3
Origin and Evolution of the Universe 6
High Contrast Imaging 3
Project Management for Scientists 3
Optics and Instruments 6
Astrochemistry 3
Astronomy from Space 3
Computational Astrophysics 6
Detection of Light a 3
Detection of Light a + b 6
Large Scale Structure and Galaxy Formation 6
Star and Planet Formation 6
Stellar Structure and Evolution 6
Science and the public: contemporary and historical perspectives 6

Course Levels

Course levels

The level of an individual course is indicated with the following numbers ranging from 100 to 600:

  • Level 100
    Introductory course; no course prerequisites
    Intensive supervision, textbooks in Dutch, guided work groups, etc
    Mostly first year courses, some second year (bachelor’s)

  • Level 200
    Introductory course; no specific course prerequisistes
    Independent study techniques required, books in English may be used
    Mostly second year courses, some first year (bachelor’s)

  • Level 300
    Course for advanced students; course prerequisites at level 100 or 200
    Books in various languages (only if relevant)
    Examinations test the student’s skills in applying acquired knowledge and insights into new problems

  • Level 400
    Specialised course; course prerequisites at level 200 or 300
    Books mostly in languages other than Dutch; extensive use of scientific articles
    Examination may include a small research project, an oral report, or written papers
    Third year bachelor’s or first year master’s course

  • Level 500
    Master course: scientifically oriented course
    Course prerequisites at level 300/400
    Scientific advanced specialist/professional literature

  • Level 600
    Master course: very advanced scientific course with as prerequisite a level 400/500 course
    Latest developments in scientific field
    Examination consists of a contribution to an unsolved problem, with an oral presentation