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International Relations: International Studies

This one-year Master of Arts in International Relations, specialisation International Studies offered by the Faculty of the Humanities of Leiden University discusses the pivotal theoretical and practical issues in international politics today, thereby providing students with the contextual knowledge and the analytical abilities to study and comprehend the diversity and the complexities of our rapidly changing world. International Studies takes a special interest in the encounter, the interactions between global and national ideas, cultures, and policies.

The programme consists of one core course in each semester as well as a preparatory class on writing a thesis (thesis seminar). The remaining 20 EC can be acquired by choosing electives or an internship. Make your choice of electives known to the Study Co-ordinator before the start of the study.


Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2

First semester

Corpus I, Core Course: Ideas and Beliefs in International Relations 10
Thesis Seminar (International Relations) 10

Kies 10 ec uit de volgende:

Globalization and Empire 10
Literature Seminar Maritime History 10
Migration and Integration 10
Economic Development and Social Change in Southeast Asia 10
Cross-cultural Connections, 1492-1776: Trade, Marriage and Business Networks 10
Introduction to Asian Studies 5
History, Theory, Nation: Readings from the South 10
Modern China: Sources of Chinese Foreign Policy 10
Nation, State and Security in Post-war Japanese Political Thought 10
Distributive Justice 10
Interculturality 1: Key Concepts 10
Theories and Methods of Middle East and Islamic Studies 10
Global Christianity: the Middle East (1800-present) 5
Comparative Religion: Themes and Topics in the Study of Religion 5
BRIC: emerging powers and changing global relations 10

Second semester

Corpus II, Core Course: Areas and Policies 10
Thesis Seminar (International Relations) Second Semester 10
MA Thesis (International Studies) 10

Kies 10 ec uit de volgende:

Migration and Integration 10
Connecting dreams: Africa and Europe 10
Creating an Atlantic Community? Transatlantic Relations since WW II 10
Arts and Culture in Area Studies: Culture and Conquest: the impact of the Mongols and their descendants 10
Interculturality 2: The Global Imagination 10
Developments in the Modern Middle East 10
European policies and jurisprudence concerning muslims and Islam 5
New Diversities in Asia 10
Political Economy of Southeast Asia 5.0/10.0
Russian Politics 10