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The master’s programme in Psychology focuses both on in-depth study of theory and on the acquisition of professional and research skills. The distinctive feature of the Leiden programme is that students are not only taught about the functioning of psychological processes. But that these are always connected to their behavioural consequences, with the aim of understanding self-regulation and behavioural control. In this way, students not only develop their knowledge of psychology as a science, but they also learn to apply this knowledge in order to understand practical problems and to develop effective interventions for dealing with these problems. In line with the profile of Leiden University as a research-intensive institution, the teaching programme is based on state-of-the art scientific research and maintains a strong emphasis on the acquisition of academic and research skills. Completion of the MSc degree prepares students for subsequent academic degrees, including a PhD.

This master’s programme offers the following specialisations:

MSc in Psychology (research)

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Master’s introduction and enrolment day

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  • 1 September 2011 for the first semester

  • 2 February 2012 for the second semester

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Timetables Master’s (2011-2012)

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