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History: Political Debate

This is a subtrack of the History specialisation History of Political Culture and National Identities and only starts in September.

Literature Seminar [10 ECTS]
In the Fall Semester students start their programme with a Literature Seminar.

Research Seminars [20 ECTS]
Students follow two Research Seminars in the first semester of their programme.

Thesis and exam [30 ECTS]
The Master’s Programme will be concluded by a 30 ECTS MA-thesis. This thesis will be based on original research and will be ca. 23.000 words in size. Students are guided in writing their thesis by thesis supervisors. Students are also expected to follow a thesis seminar. This seminar consists of a number of meetings in which students are given the opportunity to present their work and to comment on the work of others. The seminar aims at providing students with some additional support in the writing process as well as achieving further uniformity where practical matters are concerned. Before graduation students sit for a final exam for which they defend their thesis and answer questions on additional literature.