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First and Second Year

Course EC Semester 1 Semester 2

The MSc programme of Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences offers the following lecture series in the academic year 2010–2011:

Blood-Brain Barrier: Drug Transport to the Brain 4
Bioanalytical Mass Spectrometry 4
Atherosclerosis 4
Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Modelling 4
Molecular Mechanisms of Apoptosis 4
Modern Drug Discovery: From Biology and Structure to New Chemical Entity 4
Stress Hormones and Pathophysiology of the Nervous System 4
Computational Analysis of Metabolomics Data (Statistical Analysis) 4
Drug Delivery 4

Obligatory course in the academic year 2010–2011:

Scientific Conduct 1

Optional courses in the academic year 2010–2011:

Formulering farmaceutische eiwitten 13

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