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Exegese Nieuwe Testament 1


Admission requirements

This course is open to all enrolled students. Knowledge of Greek, Biblical Studies and / or Ancient History, however, is desirable. Students of Theology (Godgeleerdheid) are required to have knowledge in Classical Greek and passed the course “Introduction to the New Testament” or a comparable class in ancient literature.


The Jewish-Palestinian teacher and miracle worker Jesus of Nazareth undoubtedly was one of the most influential persons in world history. This course will use academically recognized philological and historical methods to scrutinize our available New Testament and extra-canonical sources and explore the question: What can we still know about this person, his message, actions, time and cultural context?

Course objectives

After attending this course, the student will be familiar with the method of historical interpretation in Jesus research and will know how to use basic exegetical tools (online tools, concordance, dictionaries, commentaries). He / She is familiar with the most important historical sources and knows how to interpret key texts to retrieve information on the historical Jesus and knows how to place them into their historical context. He / She is also familiar with influential positions, their intentions and presuppositions, in the recent debate on the historical Jesus.
The student will also practice general academic skills such as making and presenting an argument in class and doing guided research.


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Mode of instruction

Seminar with elements of lecture and presentations.

Course Load

The total course load will be 120 hours, 24 hours will be spent for class attendance, the rest for reading the literature and preparing presentations and exams.

Assessment method

  • oral exam (50%) – a short presentation (30 %) – active participation in class (20%)


Yes, Blackboard will be used as means of communication and to distribute study material.

Reading list

Will be distributed in class.


Via uSis
In addition to the registration in uSis, students are also expected to self-enroll in Blackboard a few weeks before the course starts.

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Prof. dr. Jürgen K. Zangenberg
Ms. Drs. E. Klok


Attendants who miss more than two sessions will have to repeat the course. Minimum attendance is 3 students.