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Museums, Cultural Heritage and Collections



The central theme of this course is the collection, presentation, conservation and management of cultural heritage, in the past and in the present day, in a national and international context. The emphasis will be on the development of the museum and on architectural, social and theoretical issues concerning contemporary museums and museum presentations.

Course Objectives:

Students will: – be able to distinguish the most important types of collections in various museums, archives, monuments, and heritage sites and identify similarities and difference;. – know why and in what ways individuals and institutions have established heritage collections; – have basic knowledge of how heritage collections over time have become open to the public; – be able to typify and analyze heritage collections; – be able to identify and understand crucial historical and contemporary museum issues; – be able to write short critical essays on museum architecture and on museum exhibitions.

Mode of instruction:
Lecture series

Assessment method:
Written mid-course exam (40% of the grade) and two short practical assignments (20% of the grade)
Written final exam (40 % of the grade)
The exams and assignments may be written in Dutch.



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