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Mathematical Methods of Physics


Admission Requirements

Analyse 1(NA) and 2(NA) and Lineaire Algebra 1(NA) and 2(NA)


The course Mathematical Methods of Physics deals with a number of different topics from algebra and geometry that are applied in physics.

Course Objectives

After finishing this course you have an operational knowledge of the following concepts and you are able to make (simple) problems concerning the following subjects:

  • advanced linear algebra: dual of a vector space, quotient spaces, tensor product

  • tensors

  • differentiable manifolds, metric tensor

  • covariant derivative, parallel displacement, geodesics, curvature

  • groups and homomorphisms

  • representations of groups (mainly finite groups)

  • some applications in physics


For detailed information go to Timetable in Brightspace

Mode of instruction

See Brightspace

Assessment Method

  • written exam with open questions

  • (optional) homework

By handing in homework (optional!) a bonus of 0.5 maximum can be earned that will be added to the total grade of the exam. This bonus is only given if the total grade of the exam is at least 5.5.

In the same academic year a retake exam will be organised. The homework bonus grade is not valid for the retake. It is not possible to retake the homework.


Registration for Brightspace occurs via uSis by registration for a class activity using a class number

Reading list

Lecture notes, to be downloaded from Brightspace. A hard copy can be purchased at the secretariat of the Mathematical Institute.


Dr. Robert-Jan Kooman Contactgegevens docent: Dr. R.J. Kooman


This course is part of the "variation space" of the bachelor study programs Physics and Astronomy