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Theorie van Concurrency


Admission requirements

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‘Concurrency’ as a phenomenon in systems consisting of parallel and possibly mutually dependent processes. Petri nets are used to formally model and analyse systems with concurrency. Both structure and behaviour of (concurrent systems modelled as) Petri nets are investigated.

Assumed prior knowledge: Foundations of Computer Science

Course objectives

To make the student familiar with fundamental notions underlying concurrent systems and with ways to formalise and analyse these notions. Thus the student acquires insight into basic techniques for working with concurrent systems.


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Mode of instruction

Lectures and exercise classes.

Assessment method

A final (written) exam.

Reading list

W. Reisig: Understanding Petri Nets – Modeling Techniques, Analysis Methods, Case Studies;
Springer 2013; ISBN 978-3-642-33277-7; 978-3-642-33278-4 (eBook).
Reprint: Springer 2016; 3662523078, 9783662523070.

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Contact information

Onderwijscoördinator Informatica, Riet Derogee


Theorie van Concurrency