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Hindu myths in the art of South and Southeast Asia


Admission requirements

No pre-requirements.

Course Description

This course focuses on the representation of Hindu myths and epics in the art of South and Southeast Asia. Special attention goes to text-image relationships, to the careful selection of episodes leading to new visual versions of ‘the text’ with new emphases, to the way in which art historical and culture-historical contexts play a role in the construction of meaning, and to the domestic, religious, and political use of Hindu myths and epics. Examples will in particular include reliefs and paintings on Hindu temples of India, Indonesia and Cambodia. Themes to be discussed include: the churning of the ocean by the gods; the banishment of Rama and his faithful wife Sita, the adventures of Krsna, and the meditation of Arjuna.

Course objectives

  • Advanced knowledge of the art and material culture of South and Southeast Asia.

  • Insight in the function of art in its art historical and cultural context.

  • Insight in the art historical discipline as applied to South and Southeast Asian art.

  • Academic skills to present a visual analysis, both orally and in written form.

Time table

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Mode of instruction


Assessment method

  • Oral presentation (20%)

  • Take home examination (30%)

  • Essay (50%)



Reading list

A reading list will be available at the beginning of the course. As far as possible, articles will be distributed via Blackboard.


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