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Reading the Bodhicaryāvatāra


Admission requirements

Fair reading knowledge of Sanskrit is required. The course will concentrate on directed reading of a Sanskrit text.


We will devote ourselves to a close reading of Śāntideva's Bodhicaryāvatāra in Sanskrit, beginning with Chapter 1 and proceeding as far as possible.

Course objectives

Students will learn how to read Buddhist poetic texts, become familiar with the Sanskrit style of the author, and learn to think about the relation between poetic form and doctrinal content.


Time and date on which the course is offered or a link to the website. The administration will complete this with the link to the website.

The timetable is available on the [Name programme website](URL Roosterpagina opleiding)

Mode of instruction


Course Load

5 EC. 140 hours.
two lectures of two hours per week = 4 hours / week for 6 weeks. 24 hours of in-class time.
7 hours preparation per class= 84 hours.
preparation of paper/translation exercise = 32 hours

Assessment method


Assessement will be by class performance (50%), and either a translation exercise of written paper (50%), to be decided in consulation with the instructor.


Is Blackboard used in the course? Yes
No, readings will be distributed in class (Sanskrit text only)

Reading list

The booktitles and / or syllabi to be used in the course, where it can be purchased and how this literature should be studied beforehand.
Sanskrit text of the Bodhicaryāvatāra


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Registration Studeren à la carte and Contractonderwijs

Anyone with a fair reading knowledge of Sanskrit -which is required- can take this course. The course will concentrate on directed reading of a Sanskrit text.


Conctact through Prof dr Jonathan Silk