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Admission requirements

The student has obtained at least 42 EC in the programme.


In the Internship the student gains experience as a working statistician in a possible future working environment that could be expected for a student from the programme. In general, the duration of the Internship is approximately 7 weeks of fulltime study, but it is allowed to follow the internship on a part time basis.

Learning Outcomes

The student is able to

  • acquire new knowledge and skills relevant for the internship;

  • apply knowledge and skills acquired during the study;
    report the results in a concise way and is able to work in such a way that results are reproducible;

  • judge his own work, is open for criticism and is able to incorporate feedback;

  • participate pro-actively in the day-to-day interactions within the working environment.

Requirements for the internship

The Internship may either be done under the supervision of one of the staff members of the institutes affiliated with the Statistical Science program, or may be done elsewhere, in a possible future working environment for a Statistician with a Msc degree. In the latter case, a local supervisor will be the first supervisor, and one of the Statistical Science staff members acts as a second supervisor, whose responsibility is to ensure that the internship is of sufficient standard.

Internship Report

The experience in the Internship has to be reported in an Internship Report. The Internship Report contains the following elements:

  • A short general description of the site where the Internship has been performed (max 500 words).

  • A general description of the activities performed during the internship (max 1000 words).

  • A description of general skills acquired or strengthened (max 1000 words).

  • A specific example of a project done during the Internship; for example, a report of a consultation or assignment, or a presentation.

  • Conclusions (max 500 words).

Assessment method

After the approval of the internship report by the internship coordinator, supervisor(s) will assess the student via the Internship Assessment Form (on blackboard), where the student is graded on general research skills (25%), communication skills (10%), statistical skills (25%) and internship report (40%).

The internship coordinator determines the final internship grade based on the assessment advice of the supervisors and the report of the student.

Non-Compulsory Literature

Vardeman & Morris (2003). Statistics & Ethics: Some Advice for Young Statisticians. The American Statistician, 57, 21-26.

Contact information

internship [at] stat [dot] leidenuniv [dot] nl


The blackboard module of the Internship is shared with that of the Master Thesis under the name "Internship and Master Thesis [2019-20] 4433MIT34-1920FWN".