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Integrated Cell Biology (ICB)


Elective course in the MSc Chemistry and Life Science and Technology

Admission requirements

Students with a BSc in MST, or an equivalent to a BSc in Life Sciences. To students with a BSc degree in Life Sciences obtained in Leiden/Delft the course will be redundant.


The course Integrated Cell Biology (ICB) is a one week crash course to learn the basics of cell culture. The course provides a theoretical background through lectures in the morning, which will be followed by practical work aiming at quickly learning cell culture skills and essential applications. All theoretical and experimental topics will be centered around the lysosome.

At the end of the course students:

  • have theoretical knowledge on various forms of cell & tissue culture (both past and future)

  • have mastered the essentials of cell culture

  • have knowledge on various crucial cell culture read outs (immunohistochemistry, fluorescent microscopy and viability assays)

  • can set up a cell culture experiment

  • have additional essay and report writing skills

Mode of instruction

Lectures, cell culture experiments and data interpretation and self-study (essay and report preparation).




Schedule information can be found on the website of the programmes.


Relevant publications and experimental protocols will be provided via blackboard.


Students submit a short essay (1000 words) within the “Lysosome theme” and a report written in article style (3000 words). Both submissions via Turnitin in Blackboard. The final mark will be composed as such: 30% literature essay + 40% practical report + 30% impression practical and theoretical skills.

Contact information

Information about the lecturer


Register for this course via blackboard and confirm via lecturer.