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Advanced Korean Reading


Admission requirements

MA Asia Studies students: Korea Studies (120 credits); East Asian Studies (60 credits) – Korea track; and others with sufficient Korean language skills (TOPIK level 4 or above).


This course is an advanced Korean reading course, learning through textual materials on current events, Korean literature, and academic texts. Through analyzing the texts, students will be able to improve reading skills. In addition, students will learn various expressions to write, listen, and talk about critical issues. Students will be able to undersatand Korean culture including sentiments and ways of thinking through the reading of Korean literature. Korean texts that are going to be used for the course include news articles, passages in published textbooks, and video clips related to current events. Moreover, they will have sessions to analyze and practice expressions inside academic journals used to write academic papers.

Course objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Learn terminology used in the media talking about current events

  • Understand Korean culture and Korean people’s emotion, ways of thinking, life style through the text such as news article, editorial, poem and short story.

  • Analyze the writer’s purpose and the implicit meaning behind the text

  • Participate in class discussion and group work actively with respecting other’s idea.

  • Summarize the material used in class with one’s own words

  • Write a critical essay based on the materials discussed in class

  • Present one’s idea through class activities.

  • Active research to complete one's assignments.


For more information, see Timetable

Mode of instruction


Course Load

Total course load: 280 hours

  • Contact hours: 52 hours(4 hours x 13 weeks)

  • Preparation for each class including quizzes: 91 hours(7 hours x 13 weeks)

  • Assignments: 39 hours(3 hours x 13 weeks)

  • Preperation Mid term: 23 hours

  • Preperation Final: 35 hours

Assessment method

Final grade will be determined in combination of:

  • Assignments: 30%
    1)weekly quiz including vocabulary quiz

  • Midterm written exam: 30%
    1)Reading and writing

  • Final essay: 40%

Assignment Policy

  • Assignments submitted two or more weeks late will not be graded: i.e. if you submit many assignments at the end of the semester all at once, they will not be counted toward your assignment grade. If you have a valid reason to submit your assignment late, you may get dispensation from this rule, but you have to consult the instructor, Mw. Y. J. Choi

Resit Policy

  • If you fail to meet the attendance requirement, you will fail the course with no resit chance. Read the attendance policy at the bottom.

  • If you do not participate in the midterm written exam, you can’t take the chance to resit for midterm exam. However, there will be a chance to resit only in the case of an emergency (e.g. serious health issues like a scheduled surgery, or family emergency such as attending a funeral) along with an evidence to prove your situation such as a doctor’s note.

  • Resit for midterm exam: If your grade of midterm is below 5.5, you need to resit for midterm exam. The mark will replace your original midterm. (thus, 30% of the final grade). The exact date will be announced on blackboard.

  • If you fail to receive 5.5 or higher from assignment grade, you will fail the course with no resit chance. You can prevent this by punctual submission of your assignments.

  • If you fail to receive 5.5 or higher from final essay, you can rewrite it for resit.

Debriefing exam: Within two weeks after exam, date and time for exam debriefing session will be announced via Blackboard in order for students to view their exam.


Blackboard will be used for:

  • Announcement

  • Providing course materials / extra self-study materials

  • Grade check

Reading list

Main reading texts will be provided by the instructor. The following books will be used complementarily and for self-study.

  • Choe et al. (2014). 연세시사한국어. Yonsei University Press. Seoul, ISBN: 9788968500718

  • Jang et al. (2015). YTN 뉴스로 배우는 시사 한국어. Pagijong Press. Seoul, ISBN: 9791158480738

  • 황순원(2015), 소나기, 바이링궐 에디션 한국 현대 소설. Set 7, 백치 된 식민지 지식인, 한국의 잃어버린 얼굴, 해방 전후(前後), 전후(戰後), 1932. Seoul : Asia Publishers, ISBN:9791156620839


Enrolment through uSis is mandatory.
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Mw. Y.J. Choi


As is the case for all Korean Studies courses, a strict attendance policy will be enforced. Attendance at all lectures and seminars is expected. Failure to attend may result in a lower grade. If you do not attend more than three classes you will not be able to continue attending the classes and your exam and/or paper may not be graded by the instructor(s). If you have a valid reason not to attend, you may get dispensation from this rule, but you have to consult the coordinator of studies on this.