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Technological Biophysics


Admission Requirements

Courses on "Physics of Life" or similar level of knowledge


The course Technological Biophysics treats the technological aspects of Biophysics at a level appropriate to MSc students.
You will extend your knowledge on Biophysics towards the technological and industrial aspects of this very interesting field with a focus on novel technologies and industrial developments.

The focus lies on material derived from scientific papers, patents and information on companies by prior reading and in class discussion on current topics in this field, which include:

  • the physics of tissue engineering, including stem cell differentiation

  • statistical analysis of cell dynamics, where we focus on intracellular dynamics for targeted drug delivery and also on cell migration

  • design and fabrication of well controlled 3d cell-scaffolds to guide cell functions

  • analysis methods (including special algorithms) for cell motion in complex 3d environments

Course objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Analyze scientific papers in the field of Technological Biophysics

  • Assess the pros and cons of existing and new techniques in thsi field

  • Analyze scientific papers and present the essence thereof to the audience

  • Investigate a particular topic in Technological Biophysics and present the findings in a short essay

Generic Skills (Soft Skills):
After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • master a new field of study within Technological Biophysics within a gicen period of time

  • present your findings to fellow students in an inspiring way

  • write a convincing essay on a specific topic within the Biophysics field


This course will be presented in:

  • blocks of 2 weeks with 2 lectures per week

  • and then a break of two weeks

  • followed again by a block of 2 weeks with 2 lectures per week.

Mode of instruction

This course will involve several lecture styles:

  • presentation given by fellow students on specific topics in the field of Technological Biophysics

  • interactive lecture

  • online searches to deliver lecture input and for assay writing

Assessment method

Two assesment methods will determine a combined grade:

  • Presentation given by each student

  • Graded term paper


yes, will be availabe at the start of the lecture

Reading list

will appear in Blackboard at the start of the lecture

Contact information:

Instructor: Doris Heinrich