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Thematic Accent III



In the second year students choose the third elective within one of the Thematic Accents of the programme: State-Society Relations, Literature, Arts and Media or Culture and Identity.

It is important to carefully consider the options for Thematic Accent III and plan this course in advance.

A course at a Latin American University

Students are allowed to take an elective at a Latin American University during the Research period in Latin America. When planning to combine your Research in Latin America with a course at a local university, students should always consult their thesis supervisor. A list of possible universities and courses can be requested by contacting the coordinator of studies.

After selecting a course, the student needs to ask for approval from the Board of Examiners.

A course at Leiden University

Students who do not want to combine Research in Latin America with taking a course at a local university can choose a course from the Thematic Accents I or II in the first year .


When you need advise or help in planning the third Thematic Accent, please contact the Coordinator of Studies