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Seminar: Methodological Specialization


Admission requirements

Course is compulsaory for ResMA African Studies students. Other LU students can join the course with prior discussion with the course coordinator.


This course on research methododologies and research methods is offered with a strong fieldwork orientation, preparing the students to reflect on the methodological implications of their research question with which they go 'into the field' later in the academic year. In the course qualitative and quantitative methods are explored, as is hands-on training in mixed methods. Whatever the appropriate methodological choices, in all instances the need for a strong reflexive element is emphasised.
It is a course which students fill according to the needs of their own specific research question / (fieldwork) research. For that reason they can follow this course offered by the Research Master African Studies itself or attend methodological courses offered by other study programmes that fit their methodological fieldwork requirements more effectively or appropriately. As long as the course taken fulfills the 5 EC requirement

Course objectives

  • To explore and train students in various research methodologies

  • To learn to reflect on the implications of methodological approaches in field work situations.

  • To train students in fieldwork tools (recording, note-taking, interviews) and the inter-cultrual aspects of working with consultants


The timetable is available on the website of the MA African Studies
ResMA African Studies

Mode of instruction

  • Lecture

  • Seminar

  • Research

  • Excursion

  • Internship

  • Thesis BA or Thesis MA

Course Load

  • The course comprises 5 EC and the total course load is thus 140 hrs

  • 24 hrs of these will be spent on lectures

  • 116 hrs are to be spent on studying literature and on writing an essay and doing two practical assignments on fieldwork tools

Assessment method

The assessment is based on one final paper of 3000 words plus fulfilling two practical group assignments on fieldwork tools.


If a student fails to attain a pass on the basis of the evaluation of the paper and the practical assignments, a second chance will be offered to rewrite the paper and resubmit for evaluation and replacement assignmets for the two practical ones. Decision on this will be taken by the course coordinator (See above).

Exam review

How and when an exam review will take place will be disclosed together with the publication of the exam results at the latest. If a student requests a review within 30 days after publication of the exam results, an exam review will have to be organized.




Reading list

A list of compulsory and recommended literature will be made available a week before the course starts together with details of the course programme


Enrolment through uSis is mandatory.
General information about uSis is available on the website


Dr. Azeb Amha

Coordinator of Studies: P.C. Lai LL.M. MSc

Education Administration Office: van Wijkplaats


The course coordinator, Dr Azeb Amha, will mark the assignments.