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Python for Linguists


Admission requirements

None. Basic knowledge of statistics (mean, standard deviation, distributions, confidence interval) is assumed.

Students not enrolled in the BA Linguistics need to contact the Coordinator of studies for permission to register.


The course covers basis programming in Python for text analysis for BA students linguistics.

Course objectives

  • To know variables, lists, loops, regular expressions, functions, input/output , data formats and data visualisation in Python for text analysis

  • Being able to apply the knowledge obtained in writing short programmes in Python for text analysis


Linguistics bachelor

Mode of instruction

  • Lectures and practicals

Attendance of lectures/practicals is obligatory, unless the student contacts the lecturer before the start of the course and can provide convincing arguments to be absent. All other students will be removed from the course if one is absent more than 2 sessions. Non-attedance results in losing the right to ask questions about that topic.

Timely handing in weekly assignments is obligatory. If more than 1 assignment is handed in too late, the students loses the right to take part in the examination (final assignment + final exam). Handing in a weekly assignment too late, results in losing the right to receive feedback on that assignment.

Course Load

  • Lectures: 10 hours

  • Practical work: 10 hours

  • Preparation tutorials: 10 hours

  • Study of compulsory literature: 30 hours

  • Assignment(s): 50 hours

  • Preparation exam: 28 hours

  • Exam(s): 2 hours

Assessment method


  • Assignment

  • Final test


Assignment: 33%
Final test: 67%


Assignment: no
Final test: yes


Blackboard will be used to:

  • Make the study materials available

  • Give an overview of he course

  • Communicate about the course

Reading list

  • Think Python: how to Think Like a Computer Scientist. Alan B. Downey (2012). O’Reilly

  • Natural Language Processing with Python..Steven Bird, Ewan Klein & Edward Loper (2009) O’Reilly


Enrolment through uSis is mandatory.

General information about uSis is available on this website

Students not enrolled in the BA Linguistics need to contact the Coordinator of studies for permission to register.


For questions about the content of the course, please contact the teacher: Dr. J. Witteman

Education Administration Office van Wijkplaats

E-mailaddress Education Administration Office van Wijkplaats:

Coordinator of Studies: Else van Dijk