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Readings in Indo-European Linguistics


Admission requirements

Indo-European I and Indo-European II


In this course, we will read and discuss a set of articles and book chapters on a particular theme in comparative Indo-European linguistics. We will pay attention, first of all, to the argumentation of the authors of the articles, and to the validity of their arguments. Secondly, we will discuss the formal organisation of the articles: how are the facts presented, how explicit is the argumentation, how does the author use references and footnotes, etc.

Course objectives

The main objective of the course is to learn how to critically read scholarly publications on Indo-European. Students will further learn how to summarize and analyze the argumentation in a scholarly publication.


Linguistics bachelor

Mode of instruction


Course Load

Seminar: 26 hours
Preparations for the seminars: 52 hours
Writing final paper: 62 hours

Assessment method

Active participation in the seminars, a presentation during the tutorials, assignments as part of the seminars and a final paper. The final grade consists of a weighted average of the above components, with the final paper counting as 50% of the overall grade.


The weight of the other components will be announced at the beginning of the course. To pass, the overall grade and the grade for the final paper must be 6 or higher.


Students can resit a final paper with a grade of 5 or lower. There is no resit for the other grades.


Course materials will be distributed using Blackboard. Blackboard

Reading list

Course materials will be distributed using Blackboard.


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Lecturer: Dr. T.C. Pronk

Education Administration Office van Wijkplaats

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Coordinator of Studies: Else van Dijk