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Teaching Assistance Year 2


Admission requirements

Admission to the RMA Archaeology programme.


The RMA is a first step in an academic career. Besides research skills, academic positions require teaching skills as well.
Teaching skills should be developed as soon as possible, under the guidance of a supervisor.

This module is the second step in developing teaching skills. In your second year, you participate in the teaching programme of the Faculty through the Teaching Assistance 2 course. Generally, this means that you will assist in one of the courses in the BA or MA programme, while the teacher of that course will be your supervisor.

Tasks may vary from assisting in the set-up and organisation of the course to the coaching of students, assessing assignments, giving feedback on papers and leading discussions. Apart from this, you may assist in organising seminars, under supervision of one of the staff members of your RMA-track. In the end at least 3 of the course objectives mentioned below should be evaluated by the supervisor using the evaluation form.

Course objectives

Each teaching assistant should acquire teaching skills. At least 3 of the course objectives mentioned below should be met:

  • Set up and organise a tutorial or seminar;

  • Ability to assess and give constructive feedback on written or oral assignments;

  • Ability to coach students in a constructive manner;

  • Ability to assess the quality of student assignments according to a formative protocol;

  • Formulate discussion points and lead a discussion;

  • Formulate assignments related to course objectives;

  • Use BlackBoard as a teaching tool.

Mode of instruction

Assisting in a course or seminar within the RMA track, under supervision. Instructions will be given by the supervisor.
Before the start of the teaching assistance a crash course in teaching will be offered, as well as several discussion meetings in which you will discuss issues with peers and a coach.

Course load

The course load will be distributed as follows:

  • Average of 8 hours per course day, including lectures, tutorial, feedback, and meetings.

Assessment method

The teaching assistance will not be graded.
The teaching assitent will be evaluated by the students and the teaching assistant has to write a reflection report.

In the reflection report the tutorial is reviewed and personally faced challenges and gained experience are discussed. Also the evaluation of the students should be included and reflected upon.
Guidelines for the report will be provided.


For more information, please contact dr. J.A. Mol.


  • Compulsory attendance;

  • Language can be English or Dutch.