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Biomaterials (BMAT)


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Admission requirements

BSc in MST, LST or BFW


This course introduces the field of biomaterials science, an emerging area at the interface between chemistry, materials science and biology. Throughout the course, the potential of soft materials (e.g. polymers, hydrogels, liposomes) to specifically modulate various biological processes will be explored at several length scales in the context of wound healing, regeneration and disease. Moreover, an in-depth evaluation of the preparation methods of various polymeric scaffolds and their characterization will also be presented. The overall goal of this course is for students to gain an appreciation of the challenges faced in this interdisciplinary field, but also the opportunities for the intervention of materials at the chemical biological interface.

At the end of the course the students:

  • will have an overview of the field of biomaterials science

  • will have knowledge in the synthesis and preparation of a broad range of hydrogel materials

  • will have knowledge in the physical and chemical characterization of various soft materials and the cellular responses to them from the molecular to the macroscopic scales

  • will have knowledge in particulate and macroscale drug delivery

  • will have knowledge in the application of hydrogels to the fields of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine

  • can understand primary research conducted in the biomaterials area to participate in a debate on a pre-selected topic

Mode of Instruction

The course consists of weekly lectures, guest lectures and student presentations.

Assessment method

Literature assessment (30%) and an original research proposal (70%)

Reading list

Selected research articles and reviews that will help to guide the lecture material

Contact information

Roxanne Kieltyka

Supramolecular materials: from biosensors to cell delivery devices

This course will be given in 2016-2017.