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How To Start My Master


Admission requirements

Bachelor. Admission to the Master Biomedical Sciences


The course How to start my master (successfully) consists of two parts. The first part of the course will help you to prepare for the compulsory course Clinical Research in Practice by refreshing basic statistical concepts and by practising statistical analyses in SPSS. In the second part of the course oral presentation skills appropriate to giving a presentation to an international audience will be discussed and practiced, as well as linguistic aspects such as intonation, word stress and pronunciation of key words. For this part of the course, you will use material that you have obtained during the course How to write a research proposal. How to start my master is compulsory for students with a bachelor degree other than Biomedical Sciences Leiden or BWtrack of Medicine Leiden.

Course objectives

After the course, students will:
Part I:

  • know basic statistics concepts, such as hypothesis testing, p-values and confidence intervals;

  • know standard statistical tests, such as the chi-squared test and the the t-test;

  • be able to formulate conclusions of such standard statistical hypothesis tests;

  • have basic experience with the statistical analysis package SPSS;

  • know the basics of simple linear regression analysis.

Part II:

  • be able to recognize the characteristics of an effective scientific presentation;

  • have solidified their presentation skills in English;

  • know how to maximize audience engagement during a presentation;

  • be aware of their strengths as a speaker;

  • be able to provide constructive feedback on their peers’ presentations;

  • be familiar with the various roles of participants at an international conference;

  • know the role and importance of Communication in Science in the master Biomedical Sciences.

Mode of instruction

(computer) practical sessions, on-line tutorials, workgroups.

Assessment method

Computer test (50%), presentation (50%). Test and presentation have to be sufficient.

Exam date

  • Computer test: Sept. 22, and presentation: during the CIS workgroups in October 2017

Reading list

  • Useful as study material: Medical Statistics at a Glance. Aviva Petrie and Caroline Sabin, Blackwell Science, 2009;

  • The programme SPSS version 23 or 24 has to be acquired from Surfspot:;

  • The on-line module will be provided by Biomedical Sciences.