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Thesis Tutorial 1


Course description

This course provides thematic and disciplinary angles for the study of Japan, with parameters defined by the topic and approach of the student’s planned MA thesis. The course is taught in tutorial fashion, primarily through online contact between the student in Japan and the instructor in Leiden, on a one-on-one basis. The purpose of the course is to ensure proper supervision of the student around their thesis project while they are in Japan. Students are expected to be in contact with their Leiden supervisor and carry out the necessary research under his/her direction.


  1. Dissertation Progress Report (DPR 1), submitted no later than September 15 together with a 1000 word written assignment specified by the supervisor (50%).
  2. DPR 2, submitted no later than December 15 together with a further 500 word report on the student’s education and research activities (30%).
  3. Contact with the supervisor (20%)


Dissertation Progress Reports