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Introduction Course Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences: Systems Pharmacology



Aim of the course
This Course consists of a general part and a Research Cluster specific part that gives an overview of current research activities within the research cluster Systems Pharmacology. After the theoretical part, the students will perform their research internship within one (or both) of the divisions of this LACDR research cluster, i.e. Analytical Biosciences or Pharmacology, and gain in-depth knowledge on one of their research topics.

The overall aim of the research cluster is to personalize medicine based on translational models of systems pharmacology and pathology. The ultimate aim is to improve diagnosis and develop novel treatment options for patients. We have close collaboration with academic hospitals and access to patient samples.

The objective of this introduction week is to provide students with a brief overview of the various research topics that we work on within the cluster systems pharmacology and provide a theoretical background of selected experimental and computational methods that are applied in our field. For this purpose there will be lectures by various staff members of our divisions. Additionally, you will familiarize yourself with a particular topic of your interest, by making a video tutorial (‘kennisclip’) for other master students.


Dr. P.W Lindenburg en Dr. E.H.J Krekels.

Admission requirements

First year Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences master students

Mode of instruction

Lectures, computer exercises, writing of a project proposal, presentations and discussions. The course will be taught in English.

Reading list

Will be announced during the lectures.

Course objectives

The specific learning goals of the course are defined as follows:
1) Obtaining a basic understanding of the main scientific concepts underlying the research fields of Analytical Biosciences, Quantitative Pharmacology, and Systems Pharmacology.
2) Obtaining an understanding of the relevance of the aforementioned research fields for biomedical sciences and society.

Assessment method

Written project proposal (50%), written exam (50%). Attending the safety training is mandatory.


For students starting between February 2nd 2016 and September 1st 2016: September 2016. For students starting from September 2nd 2016 until February 1st 2016: February 2017, after consulting the Course Coordinator of the general part. For students starting after February 1st 2017: please consult the Course Coordinator of the general part.


Application via uSis for general part