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Indian Buddhism


Admission requirements

None, but it would be helpful to have completed Introduction to Buddhism or a similar course.


This course surveys Buddhism in India from its earliest times around the 5th c. BCE until the disappearance of Buddhism from India proper in around the 13th c. CE, with some consideration of continuing traditions, particularly in Nepal. It approaches the history, literature, doctrines, art and material culture, and practices of Indian Buddhism.

Course objectives

Students will gain a familiarity with the history literature, doctrines, art and material culture, and practices of Indian Buddhism at a level in greater detail than that presented in the course Introduction to Buddhism. They will learn how to synthesize their new knowledge, formulate relevant questions, and present their ideas in clear written and verbal form.


Time and date on which the course is offered or a link to the website. The administration will complete this with the link to the website.
The timetable is available on the South and Southeast Asian Studies website

Mode of instruction

  • Lecture

Attendance is not obligatory for lectures, but during this lecture ample participation in the discussions is expected from the students. The conveners do not need to be informed in case of missed classes. Information and knowledge provided in the lectures greatly contribute to the subsequent courses of the programme and their contents will be part of the examination. In order to pass the course, students are strongly advised to attend all sessions.

Course Load

Total course load: 140 hours
Class meetings: 2 × 13 = 26 hrs
Weekly assignments: 1 × 12 = 12 hrs
Readings: 7 × 12 = 72 hrs
Preparing for midterm & final exam: 1×4 & 1×10hs: 14 hours Examination: 2x2: 4 hours

TOTAL 140 hrs

Assessment method


Assessment shall be through:
1) Weekly one page reading summary papers 2) Mid-term examination with essay questions (provided in advance) 3) Written final examination with essay questions (provided in advance)


1) Weekly one page reading summary papers: 10%
2) Mid-term examination with essay questions (provided in advance): 40%
3) Written final examination with essay questions (provided in advance): 50%


There will be a re-sit of the written exam. The grade for this re-sit will replace the grade of the first final examination and have a weight of 50%.

Exam review

If a student requests in writing a review of his/her examination answer script within 30 days after publication of the exam results, an exam review will be organized.


Students are requested to register on Blackboard for this course
Blackboard will be used for:

  • presentation of readings, announcements, other information and materials

Reading list



Students are required to register through uSis before August/January 15. To avoid mistakes and problems, students are strongly advised to register in uSis through the activity number which can be found in the timetable in the column under the heading “Act.nbr.”.

Not registered, means no permission to attend this course. See also the ‘Registration procedures for classes and examinations’ for registration deadlines and more information on how to register.

Registration Contractonderwijs

Registration à la carte is not possible for this course.


Contact information
J.A. Silk


Students with disabilities

The university is committed to supporting and accommodating students with disabilities as stated in the university protocol (especially pages 3-5). Students should contact Fenestra Disability Centre at least four weeks before the start of their courses to ensure that all necessary academic accommodations can be made in time conform the abovementioned protocol.

Academic Integrity

Students are expected to be familiar with Leiden University policies on plagiarism and academic integrity. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. If you submit any work with your name affixed to it, it is assumed to be your own work with all sources used properly indicated and documented in the text (with quotations and/or citations).