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International Corporate Law


This course provides students with a general overview of the status of company law at an international and European level.

Doing business in a global world is the main theme of the course. It covers the establishment and mobility of companies within Europe, as well as international views on the rights and obligations of the key stakeholders of companies, including the board of directors, shareholders and creditors. In particular, management responsibilities and corporate governance structuring will be discussed.

The course also addresses several expansion strategies such as different types of mergers, acquisitions and takeovers and the legal framework of these strategies. In addition the execution of the process phases will be discussed: negotiations, due diligence reviews of the target company, the bidding process and preparation of agreements.

The course includes workshops in which students will put theory into practice in a focused interactive manner. These workshops will be supervised by legal professionals with extensive experience in business practice as well as by academics. Links between theory and practice will therefore form an important aspect of this course.

Wendy Rodger
Programme Coordinator LLM (Adv) International Civil and Commercial Law
Office for International Education / Leiden Law School
T: +31 (0)71 527 1228

Interactive lectures, presentations and workshops

Written exam, assignments and workshop participation

Full degree in law granting access to the legal profession (or equivalent).