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Cross-domain chromatin organisation (CDC)


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This course is an elective course for MSc Life Science and Technology and MSc Chemistry students

Cross-domain Chromatin Organisation

In this course current topics relating to chromatin organization and genome activity across the three domains of life (eukaryotes, archaea and bacteria) will be discussed. Following an overview of basic concepts of chromatin organization in different species, the interplay of chromatin structure with cellular processes will be discussed. Novel techniques for studying these aspects will be highlight, as well as novel approaches to manipulate chromatin organization with applications in research and medicine.

Topics will be discussed based on recent review and research articles, as well as current research within the research institute.

The course will give:

  • Knowledge of the mechanisms by which chromatin is organized across the domains of life, with emphasis on similarities and differences.

  • Insight in the effects of chromatin organization on processes occurring in a chromatin context.

  • Knowledge of novel techniques and approaches to study and manipulate chromatin organization.


Articles for reading will be assigned at the start of the course. Further relevant literature will need to be found by students.

Assessment method

Presentations and literature essay on one of the topics of the course.


All students should register to the course on Blackboard. Blackboard will be used as a standard way of communicating with the students.

Expected Background

BSc Chemistry, BSc Life Science and Technology or equivalent.

Contact information

Remus Dame


Leiden, Gorlaeus Laboratories, Bioscience Park