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Methods III: Writing Workshop


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In this workshop the student will acquire communication skills of a high and academic level. The student will learn the usual formats in which academic research is presented. The course will work with the student´s own research material of their thesis. The aim of the course is to train to communicate these results in different formats. For example a conference: to orally present the research findings to an academic audience, and to learn the requirements for a PhD research proposal, and the criteria for publication in a scientific journal, and the format for a funding application. At the end of the course, the student will choose one of the writing formats as a final assignment. The student will recognize the relevance and potential of these academic skills for his/her professional future.

Course objectives

  1. Adquirir conocimiento de los principales géneros de la presentación académica.
    1. The ability to give persuasive oral presentations;
    2. The ability to engage in the international academic debate.
    3. build an argument that leads to its conclusion in a clear, coherent, and verifiable manner
    4. reflect critically on the role played by the graduates´personal points of view and interests;
    5. Learn skills to present a research project with a great degree of independence



Mode of instruction


Course Load

5 EC = 140 hours in total.

  • Hours in class: 28 hours

  • Hours of making assignments: 112 hours

Assessment method

  • Oral presentation (20%)

  • Short assignments (30%)

  • Final assignment (50%) (At the end of the course, the student will choose one of the writing formats as a final assignment.)

If the final grade is lower than 6.0, there will be a re-sit. The re-sit is the revision of the final assignment (100%).


Blackboard will be used for:

  • providing study materials

Reading list

To be announced.


Enrolment through uSis is mandatory.

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For questions about the content of the course, you can contact the teacher:
Dr. N. Timmer

Coordinator of Studies: M.A.G. van Leeuwen MA

Administrations Office: van Wijkplaats


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