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Humanities Lab 101


Admission requirements

You have received your propaedeutic diploma within one academic year and your academic results are good (indication: 7,3 average). Students who meet the criteria may apply for a place in the Humanities Lab.


This comprehensive introductory module explores a variety of questions concerning human beings, drawing on different theoretical approaches in the Humanities — the ensemble of disciplines studying human cultural practices and their products. These approaches include Philosophy, History, Literature studies, Linguistics, Art and Cultural studies, while also incorporating insights from disciplines such as Anthropology, Psychology, and Biology.

Course objectives

  1. Familiarize students with different theoretical approaches to cultural phenomena, both inside and outside the Humanities.
    1. Introduce students to key problems in different fields of the Humanities, including questions about possible effects of globalization and digitalization.
    2. Explore the relationship (both historically and conceptually) between the Humanities and other disciplines, including natural sciences.
    3. Present students with a number of tools (case studies, thought-experiments, new concepts etc.) for critical thinking.
    4. Train students in applying insights from the Humanities to topical problems in science and society.


Courses of the Humanities Lab are scheduled on Friday afternoon from 13.00 to 17.00. For the exact timetable, please visit the following website

Mode of instruction

Lectures, seminars

Course Load

  • Lectures and seminars 24 hours

  • Readings 60

  • Weekly assignments 20

  • Preparing posters 32

  • Closing event 4
    Total course load = 140

Assessment method

Attendance/active participation (20%)
Weekly assignments (20%)
Poster presentation (60%)

Attendance is compulsory for all meetings (lectures, tutorials, closing event). If you are unable to attend due to circumstances beyond your control, notify the Humanities Lab office (see email address below), and hand in your weekly assignment in writing. Being absent without notification may result in lower grades or exclusion from the course.

If the final grade is insufficient, a resit will be offered in the form of an assignment for a written paper.


Blackboard is used in this course for: – Making readings available – Assignments – Communication

Reading list

A syllabus with required and optional readings will be made available through Blackboard before the start of the course.


Students of the Humanities Lab will be registered via uSis by the administration of the Humanities Lab


Instructors: J.J.M.Sleutels. en A.Verhagen
Humanities Lab office: e-mail


If all participants of this course are Dutch native speakers, this course will be taught in Dutch.