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Anatolian Historical Linguistics


Admission requirements

Students must have knowledge of Hittite.


The Anatolian language branch (to which, among others, Hittite, Palaic, Cuneiform-Luwian, Hierogrlyphic Luwian, Lycian, Lydian and Carian belong) occupies a special place within the study of Indo-European, because it has retained many archaic characteristics.

In this course, we will extensively treat the linguistic analysis of Hittite and its affiliation to the other Anatolian languages (especially Cuneiform Luwian, Hieroglyphic Luwian and Lycian), as well as the significance of Anatolian for the reconstruction of Proto-Indo-European.

Course objectives

1) Students have knowledge of the most important aspects of the linguistic prehistory of Hittite and the other Anatolian languages;

2) Students are able to independently interpret and contextualise scholarly literature on this topic.


The timetable is available on the MA Linguistics website.

Mode of instruction

  • Lecture

  • Seminar

  • Reading list

Course Load

  • time spent on attending seminars: 26 hours

  • time preparation of the classes: 49 hours

  • time for the reading list: 60 hours

  • time to prepare for the final paper: 145 hours

Assessment Method

Oral presentation 30%

Paper 70%

The final grade consists of weighted average of the above components.

Resit: students who fail the course may resit the paper.


This course is not supported by Blackboard

Reading list

Reader (available from the lecturer)
A reading list will be provided at the beginning of the course.

When registering, students that are registered for the specialisation that this course belongs to, or the Research Master, take priority. The deadline for registration is August 15. All other students should contact the coordinator of studies


Students should register through uSis. If you have any questions, please contact the departmental office, tel. 071 5272144 or mail:

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