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Classical Electrodynamics


Admission Requirements

Elektrische en Magnetische Velden


The course covers Maxwell’s theory of time-dependent electromagnetic field, wave theory of light, and propagation of electromagnetic waves in media.

Course objectives

  • To provide students with a working knowledge of electromagnetism through Maxwell’s equations using the tools of vector calculus. – To establish the unifying connections between seemingly different phenomena in nature such as electromagnetic induction and optics. – To describe the basic properties of wave propagation, diffraction and interference. – To enhance problem-solving and mathematical skills by requiring students to apply their mathematical skills and physics understanding to a variety of situations and systems.



Mode of instruction

Seminar and Lecturers

Assessment method

Written Examination with short questions


Blackboard will be used for the provision of lecture notes, distribution of home assignment worksheets, and announcements.
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Reading list

D.J. Griffiths , Introduction to Electrodynamics
John David Jackson, Classical Electrodynamics


Contactgegevens Docent:[](>Dr. V.Cheianov (Vadim))